Package javax.servlet.jsp

Interface Summary
HttpJspPage The HttpJspPage interface describes the interaction that a JSP Page Implementation Class must satisfy when using the HTTP protocol.
JspPage The JspPage interface describes the generic interaction that a JSP Page Implementation class must satisfy; pages that use the HTTP protocol are described by the HttpJspPage interface.

Class Summary
JspEngineInfo The JspEngineInfo is an abstract class that provides information on the current JSP engine.
JspFactory The JspFactory is an abstract class that defines a number of factory methods available to a JSP page at runtime for the purposes of creating instances of various interfaces and classes used to support the JSP implementation.
JspWriter The actions and template data in a JSP page is written using the JspWriter object that is referenced by the implicit variable out which is initialized automatically using methods in the PageContext object.
PageContext A PageContext instance provides access to all the namespaces associated with a JSP page, provides access to several page attributes, as well as a layer above the implementation details.

Exception Summary
JspException A generic exception known to the JSP engine; uncaught JspExceptions will result in an invocation of the errorpage machinery.
JspTagException Exception to be used by a Tag Handler to indicate some unrecoverable error.

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