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Packages that use TagVariableInfo

Uses of TagVariableInfo in javax.servlet.jsp.tagext

Methods in javax.servlet.jsp.tagext that return TagVariableInfo
 TagVariableInfo[] TagInfo.getTagVariableInfos()
          Get TagVariableInfo objects associated with this TagInfo

Constructors in javax.servlet.jsp.tagext with parameters of type TagVariableInfo
TagInfo(java.lang.String tagName, java.lang.String tagClassName, java.lang.String bodycontent, java.lang.String infoString, TagLibraryInfo taglib, TagExtraInfo tagExtraInfo, TagAttributeInfo[] attributeInfo, java.lang.String displayName, java.lang.String smallIcon, java.lang.String largeIcon, TagVariableInfo[] tvi)
          Constructor for TagInfo from data in the JSP 1.2 format for TLD.

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