Package org.apache.catalina.core

Class Summary
ApplicationContext Standard implementation of ServletContext that represents a web application's execution environment.
ApplicationContextFacade Facade object which masks the internal ApplicationContext object from the web application.
ApplicationFilterFactory Factory for the creation and caching of Filters and creationg of Filter Chains.
AprLifecycleListener Implementation of LifecycleListener that will init and and destroy APR.
ContainerBase Abstract implementation of the Container interface, providing common functionality required by nearly every implementation.
DummyRequest Dummy request object, used for request dispatcher mapping, as well as JSP precompilation.
DummyResponse Dummy response object, used for JSP precompilation.
NamingContextListener Helper class used to initialize and populate the JNDI context associated with each context and server.
StandardContext Standard implementation of the Context interface.
StandardEngine Standard implementation of the Engine interface.
StandardHost Standard implementation of the Host interface.
StandardPipeline Standard implementation of a processing Pipeline that will invoke a series of Valves that have been configured to be called in order.
StandardServer Standard implementation of the Server interface, available for use (but not required) when deploying and starting Catalina.
StandardService Standard implementation of the Service interface.
StandardWrapper Standard implementation of the Wrapper interface that represents an individual servlet definition.
StandardWrapperFacade Facade for the StandardWrapper object.

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