Package org.apache.catalina.ssi

This package contains code that is used by the SsiInvoker.


Interface Summary
SSICommand The interface that all SSI commands ( SSIEcho, SSIInclude, ...) must implement.
SSIExternalResolver Interface used by SSIMediator to talk to the 'outside world' ( usually a servlet )

Class Summary
ByteArrayServletOutputStream Class that extends ServletOuputStream, used as a wrapper from within SsiInclude
ExpressionParseTree Represents a parsed expression.
ExpressionTokenizer Parses an expression string to return the individual tokens.
ResponseIncludeWrapper A HttpServletResponseWrapper, used from SSIServletExternalResolver
SSIConditional SSI command that handles all conditional directives.
SSIConfig Implements the Server-side #exec command
SSIEcho Return the result associated with the supplied Server Variable.
SSIExec Implements the Server-side #exec command
SSIFilter Filter to process SSI requests within a webpage.
SSIFlastmod Implements the Server-side #flastmod command
SSIFsize Implements the Server-side #fsize command
SSIInclude Implements the Server-side #include command
SSIMediator Allows the different SSICommand implementations to share data/talk to each other
SSIPrintenv Implements the Server-side #printenv command
SSIProcessor The entry point to SSI processing.
SSIServlet Servlet to process SSI requests within a webpage.
SSIServletExternalResolver An implementation of SSIExternalResolver that is used with servlets.
SSISet Implements the Server-side #set command

Exception Summary
SSIStopProcessingException Exception used to tell SSIProcessor that it should stop processing SSI commands.

Package org.apache.catalina.ssi Description

This package contains code that is used by the SsiInvoker.

This class consists of which works as a mediator between the different SsiCommands. To add a command you have to implement the SsiCommand interface and extend the SsiMediator. Commands currently implemented are

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