Package org.apache.catalina.storeconfig

Interface Summary

Class Summary
CatalinaClusterSF Generate Cluster Element with Membership,Sender,Receiver,Deployer and ReplicationValve
ConnectorSF Store Connector and Listeners
ConnectorStoreAppender Store the Connector attributes.
GlobalNamingResourcesSF store server.xml GlobalNamingResource.
IDynamicPropertyStoreAppender Store the IDynamicProperty attributes.
InstanceListenerSF Store Context InstanceListener
LoaderSF Store Loader Element.
ManagerSF Store server.xml Manager element
NamingResourcesSF Store server.xml elements Resources at context and GlobalNamingResources
PersistentManagerSF store server.xml PersistentManager element with nested "Store"
StandardContextSF Store server.xml Context element with all childs Store all context at server.xml Store existing app.xml context a conf/enginename/hostname/app.xml Store with backup
StandardEngineSF Store server.xml Element Engine
StandardHostSF Store server.xml Element Host
StandardServerSF Store server.xml Server element and childs ( Listener,GlobalNamingResource,Service)
StandardServiceSF Store server.xml Element Service and all childs
StoreAppender StoreAppends generate really the xml tag elements
StoreConfig Store Server/Service/Host/Context at file or PrintWriter.
StoreConfigLifecycleListener Load and Register StoreConfig MBean Catalina:type=StoreConfig,resource="url"
StoreContextAppender store StandardContext Attributes ...
StoreDescription Bean of a StoreDescription
StoreFactoryBase StoreFactory saves spezial elements.
StoreFactoryRule Rule that creates a new IStoreFactory instance, and associates it with the top object on the stack (which must implement IStoreFactory).
StoreFileMover Move server.xml or context.xml as backup
StoreRegistry Central StoreRegistry for all server.xml elements

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