Interface Summary
AprEndpoint.Handler Bare bones interface used for socket processing.
TcpConnectionHandler This interface will be implemented by any object that uses TcpConnections.

Class Summary
AprEndpoint APR tailored thread pool, providing the following services: Socket acceptor thread Socket poller thread Sendfile thread Worker threads pool When switching to Java 5, there's an opportunity to use the virtual machine's thread pool.
AprEndpoint.SendfileData SendfileData class.
PoolTcpEndpoint Handle incoming TCP connections.
ServerSocketFactory This class creates server sockets.
SSLSupport.CipherData Simple data class that represents the cipher being used, along with the corresponding effective key size.
URL URL is designed to provide public APIs for parsing and synthesizing Uniform Resource Locators as similar as possible to the APIs of, but without the ability to open a stream or connection.

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