Package org.apache.jasper.compiler

Interface Summary
ErrorHandler Interface for handling JSP parse and javac compilation errors.

Class Summary
AntCompiler Main JSP compiler class.
Compiler Main JSP compiler class.
ELFunctionMapper This class generates functions mappers for the EL expressions in the page.
ELParser This class implements a parser for EL expressions.
ErrorDispatcher Class responsible for dispatching JSP parse and javac compilation errors to the configured error handler.
JavacErrorDetail Class providing details about a javac compilation error.
JDTCompiler JDT class compiler.
JspConfig Handles the jsp-config element in WEB_INF/web.xml.
JspRuntimeContext Class for tracking JSP compile time file dependencies when the &060;%@include file="..."%&062; directive is used.
JspUtil This class has all the utility method(s).
Localizer Class responsible for converting error codes to corresponding localized error messages.
ServletWriter This is what is used to generate servlets.
SmapGenerator Represents a source map (SMAP), which serves to associate lines of the input JSP file(s) to lines in the generated servlet in the final .class file, according to the JSR-045 spec.
SmapStratum Represents the line and file mappings associated with a JSR-045 "stratum".
SmapStratum.LineInfo Represents a single LineSection in an SMAP, associated with a particular stratum.
SmapUtil Contains static utilities for generating SMAP data based on the current version of Jasper.
TagPluginManager Manages tag plugin optimizations.
TldLocationsCache A container for all tag libraries that are defined "globally" for the web application.

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