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Interface InputBuffer

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All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractInputBuffer, AjpAprProcessor.SocketInputBuffer, AjpProcessor.SocketInputBuffer, BufferedInputFilter, ChunkedInputFilter, IdentityInputFilter, InternalAprInputBuffer, InternalAprInputBuffer.SocketInputBuffer, InternalInputBuffer, InternalInputBuffer.InputStreamInputBuffer, InternalNioInputBuffer, InternalNioInputBuffer.SocketInputBuffer, JkInputStream, MemoryProtocolHandler.ByteChunkInputBuffer, SavedRequestInputFilter, VoidInputFilter

public interface InputBuffer

Input buffer. This class is used only in the protocol implementation. All reading from tomcat ( or adapter ) should be done using Request.doRead().

Remy Maucherat

Method Summary
 int doRead(ByteChunk chunk, Request request)
          Return from the input stream.

Method Detail


int doRead(ByteChunk chunk,
           Request request)
           throws java.io.IOException
Return from the input stream. IMPORTANT: the current model assumes that the protocol will 'own' the buffer and return a pointer to it in ByteChunk ( i.e. the param will have chunk.getBytes()==null before call, and the result after the call ).


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