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Package org.apache.tomcat.util.buf

Buffers and Encodings This package contains buffers and utils to perform encoding/decoding of buffers.


Interface Summary
ByteChunk.ByteInputChannel Input interface, used when the buffer is emptiy Same as java.nio.channel.ReadableByteChannel
ByteChunk.ByteOutputChannel Same as java.nio.channel.WrittableByteChannel.
CharChunk.CharOutputChannel When we need more space we'll either grow the buffer ( up to the limit ) or send it to a channel.

Class Summary
Ascii This class implements some basic ASCII character handling functions.
B2CConverter Efficient conversion of bytes to character .
Base64 This class provides encode/decode for RFC 2045 Base64 as defined by RFC 2045, N.
ByteChunk This class is used to represent a chunk of bytes, and utilities to manipulate byte[].
C2BConverter Efficient conversion of character to bytes.
CharChunk Utilities to manipluate char chunks.
DateTool Deprecated. Will be replaced with a more efficient impl, based on FastDateFormat, with an API using less objects.
HexUtils Library of utility methods useful in dealing with converting byte arrays to and from strings of hexadecimal digits.
MessageBytes This class is used to represent a subarray of bytes in an HTTP message.
StringCache This class implements a String cache for ByteChunk and CharChunk.
TimeStamp Main tool for object expiry.
UDecoder All URL decoding happens here.
UEncoder Efficient implementation for encoders.
UTF8Decoder Moved from ByteChunk - code to convert from UTF8 bytes to chars.

Package org.apache.tomcat.util.buf Description

Buffers and Encodings

This package contains buffers and utils to perform encoding/decoding of buffers. That includes byte to char conversions, URL encodings, etc.

Encoding is a critical operation for performance. There are few tricks in this package - the C2B and B2C converters are caching a ISReader/OSWriter and keep everything allocated to do the conversions in any VM without any garbage.

This package must accomodate future extensions and additional converters ( most imporant: the nio.charset, which should be detected and used if available ). Also, we do have one hand-written UTF8Decoder, and other tuned encoders could be added.

My benchmarks ( I'm costin :-) show only small differences between C2B, B2C and hand-written codders/decoders, so UTF8Decoder may be disabled.

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