Apache Tomcat 6.0.53

Class UserDataHelper

  extended by org.apache.tomcat.util.log.UserDataHelper

public class UserDataHelper
extends java.lang.Object

This helper class assists with the logging associated with invalid input data. A developer may want all instances of invalid input data logged to assist with debugging whereas in production it is likely to be desirable not to log anything for invalid data. The following settings may be used:

By default, INFO_THEN_DEBUG is used with a suppression time of 24 hours. NOTE: This class is not completely thread-safe. When using INFO_THEN_DEBUG it is possible that several INFO messages will be logged before dropping to DEBUG.

Nested Class Summary
static class UserDataHelper.Mode
          Log mode for the next log message.
Constructor Summary
UserDataHelper(Log log)
Method Summary
 UserDataHelper.Mode getNextMode()
          Returns log mode for the next log message, or null if the message should not be logged.
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Constructor Detail


public UserDataHelper(Log log)
Method Detail


public UserDataHelper.Mode getNextMode()
Returns log mode for the next log message, or null if the message should not be logged.

If INFO_THEN_DEBUG configuration option is enabled, this method might change internal state of this object.

Log mode, or null

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