Class DigestAuthenticator

All Implemented Interfaces:
MBeanRegistration, RegistrationListener, Authenticator, Contained, JmxEnabled, Lifecycle, Valve

public class DigestAuthenticator extends AuthenticatorBase
An Authenticator and Valve implementation of HTTP DIGEST Authentication, as outlined in RFC 7616: "HTTP Digest Authentication"
Craig R. McClanahan, Remy Maucherat
  • Field Details

    • QOP

      protected static final String QOP
      Tomcat's DIGEST implementation only supports auth quality of protection.
      See Also:
    • nonces

      List of server nonce values currently being tracked
    • lastTimestamp

      protected long lastTimestamp
      The last timestamp used to generate a nonce. Each nonce should get a unique timestamp.
    • lastTimestampLock

      protected final Object lastTimestampLock
    • nonceCacheSize

      protected int nonceCacheSize
      Maximum number of server nonces to keep in the cache. If not specified, the default value of 1000 is used.
    • nonceCountWindowSize

      protected int nonceCountWindowSize
      The window size to use to track seen nonce count values for a given nonce. If not specified, the default of 100 is used.
    • key

      protected String key
      Private key.
    • nonceValidity

      protected long nonceValidity
      How long server nonces are valid for in milliseconds. Defaults to 5 minutes.
    • opaque

      protected String opaque
      Opaque string.
    • validateUri

      protected boolean validateUri
      Should the URI be validated as required by RFC2617? Can be disabled in reverse proxies where the proxy has modified the URI.
  • Constructor Details

    • DigestAuthenticator

      public DigestAuthenticator()
  • Method Details

    • getNonceCountWindowSize

      public int getNonceCountWindowSize()
    • setNonceCountWindowSize

      public void setNonceCountWindowSize(int nonceCountWindowSize)
    • getNonceCacheSize

      public int getNonceCacheSize()
    • setNonceCacheSize

      public void setNonceCacheSize(int nonceCacheSize)
    • getKey

      public String getKey()
    • setKey

      public void setKey(String key)
    • getNonceValidity

      public long getNonceValidity()
    • setNonceValidity

      public void setNonceValidity(long nonceValidity)
    • getOpaque

      public String getOpaque()
    • setOpaque

      public void setOpaque(String opaque)
    • isValidateUri

      public boolean isValidateUri()
    • setValidateUri

      public void setValidateUri(boolean validateUri)
    • getAlgorithms

      public String getAlgorithms()
    • setAlgorithms

      public void setAlgorithms(String algorithmsString)
    • doAuthenticate

      protected boolean doAuthenticate(Request request, HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException
      Authenticate the user making this request, based on the specified login configuration. Return true if any specified constraint has been satisfied, or false if we have created a response challenge already.
      Specified by:
      doAuthenticate in class AuthenticatorBase
      request - Request we are processing
      response - Response we are creating
      true if the the user was authenticated, otherwise false, in which case an authentication challenge will have been written to the response
      IOException - if an input/output error occurs
    • getAuthMethod

      protected String getAuthMethod()
      Description copied from class: AuthenticatorBase
      Return the authentication method, which is vendor-specific and not defined by HttpServletRequest.
      Specified by:
      getAuthMethod in class AuthenticatorBase
      the authentication method, which is vendor-specific and not defined by HttpServletRequest.
    • removeQuotes

      protected static String removeQuotes(String quotedString, boolean quotesRequired)
      Removes the quotes on a string. RFC2617 states quotes are optional for all parameters except realm.
      quotedString - The quoted string
      quotesRequired - true if quotes were required
      The unquoted string
    • removeQuotes

      protected static String removeQuotes(String quotedString)
      Removes the quotes on a string.
      quotedString - The quoted string
      The unquoted string
    • generateNonce

      protected String generateNonce(Request request)
      Generate a unique token. The token is generated according to the following pattern. NOnceToken = Base64 ( NONCE_DIGEST ( client-IP ":" time-stamp ":" private-key ) ).
      request - HTTP Servlet request
      The generated nonce
    • setAuthenticateHeader

      protected void setAuthenticateHeader(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response, String nonce, boolean isNonceStale)
      Generates the WWW-Authenticate header(s) as per RFC 7616.
      request - HTTP Servlet request
      response - HTTP Servlet response
      nonce - nonce token
      isNonceStale - true to add a stale parameter
    • isPreemptiveAuthPossible

      protected boolean isPreemptiveAuthPossible(Request request)
      Description copied from class: AuthenticatorBase
      Can the authenticator perform preemptive authentication for the given request?
      isPreemptiveAuthPossible in class AuthenticatorBase
      request - The request to check for credentials
      true if preemptive authentication is possible, otherwise false
    • startInternal

      protected void startInternal() throws LifecycleException
      Description copied from class: ValveBase
      Start this component and implement the requirements of LifecycleBase.startInternal().
      startInternal in class AuthenticatorBase
      LifecycleException - if this component detects a fatal error that prevents this component from being used