Interface JmxEnabled

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AbstractAccessLogValve, AccessLogValve, AuthenticatorBase, BackupManager, BasicAuthenticator, ClusterManagerBase, ClusterSingleSignOn, CombinedRealm, Connector, ContainerBase, CrawlerSessionManagerValve, DataSourceRealm, DeltaManager, DigestAuthenticator, ErrorReportValve, ExtendedAccessLogValve, ExtractingRoot, FailedContext, FormAuthenticator, JAASMemoryLoginModule, JAASRealm, JDBCAccessLogValve, JDBCRealm, JNDIRealm, JsonAccessLogValve, JsonErrorReportValve, JvmRouteBinderValve, LifecycleMBeanBase, LoadBalancerDrainingValve, LockOutRealm, ManagerBase, MapperListener, MemoryRealm, NamingResourcesImpl, NonLoginAuthenticator, NullRealm, PersistentManager, PersistentManagerBase, PersistentValve, ProxyErrorReportValve, RealmBase, RemoteAddrValve, RemoteCIDRValve, RemoteHostValve, RemoteIpValve, ReplicatedContext, ReplicationValve, RequestFilterValve, RewriteValve, SemaphoreValve, SimpleTcpCluster, SingleSignOn, SpnegoAuthenticator, SSLAuthenticator, SSLValve, StandardContext, StandardEngine, StandardHost, StandardManager, StandardRoot, StandardServer, StandardService, StandardThreadExecutor, StandardVirtualThreadExecutor, StandardWrapper, StuckThreadDetectionValve, Tomcat.ExistingStandardWrapper, UserDatabaseRealm, ValveBase, WebappLoader

public interface JmxEnabled extends MBeanRegistration
This interface is implemented by components that will be registered with an MBean server when they are created and unregistered when they are destroyed. It is primarily intended to be implemented by components that implement Lifecycle but is not exclusively for them.
  • Method Details

    • getDomain

      String getDomain()
      the domain under which this component will be / has been registered.
    • setDomain

      void setDomain(String domain)
      Specify the domain under which this component should be registered. Used with components that cannot (easily) navigate the component hierarchy to determine the correct domain to use.
      domain - The name of the domain under which this component should be registered
    • getObjectName

      ObjectName getObjectName()
      the name under which this component has been registered with JMX.