Class SavedRequest

All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class SavedRequest extends Object implements Serializable
Object that saves the critical information from a request so that form-based authentication can reproduce it once the user has been authenticated.

IMPLEMENTATION NOTE - It is assumed that this object is accessed only from the context of a single thread, so no synchronization around internal collection classes is performed.

Craig R. McClanahan
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  • Constructor Details

    • SavedRequest

      public SavedRequest()
  • Method Details

    • addCookie

      public void addCookie(Cookie cookie)
    • getCookies

      public Iterator<Cookie> getCookies()
    • addHeader

      public void addHeader(String name, String value)
    • getHeaderNames

      public Iterator<String> getHeaderNames()
    • getHeaderValues

      public Iterator<String> getHeaderValues(String name)
    • addLocale

      public void addLocale(Locale locale)
    • getLocales

      public Iterator<Locale> getLocales()
    • getMethod

      public String getMethod()
    • setMethod

      public void setMethod(String method)
    • getQueryString

      public String getQueryString()
    • setQueryString

      public void setQueryString(String queryString)
    • getRequestURI

      public String getRequestURI()
    • setRequestURI

      public void setRequestURI(String requestURI)
    • getDecodedRequestURI

      public String getDecodedRequestURI()
    • setDecodedRequestURI

      public void setDecodedRequestURI(String decodedRequestURI)
    • getBody

      public ByteChunk getBody()
    • setBody

      public void setBody(ByteChunk body)
    • getContentType

      public String getContentType()
    • setContentType

      public void setContentType(String contentType)
    • getOriginalMaxInactiveInterval

      public int getOriginalMaxInactiveInterval()
    • setOriginalMaxInactiveInterval

      public void setOriginalMaxInactiveInterval(int originalMaxInactiveInterval)