Class Response

All Implemented Interfaces:
HttpServletResponse, ServletResponse

public class Response extends Object implements HttpServletResponse
Wrapper object for the Coyote response.
Remy Maucherat, Craig R. McClanahan
  • Field Details

    • sm

      protected static final StringManager sm
    • format

      @Deprecated protected SimpleDateFormat format
      Unused. This will be removed in Tomcat 10
      The date format we will use for creating date headers.
    • coyoteResponse

      protected Response coyoteResponse
      Coyote response.
    • outputBuffer

      protected OutputBuffer outputBuffer
      The associated output buffer.
    • outputStream

      protected CoyoteOutputStream outputStream
      The associated output stream.
    • writer

      protected CoyoteWriter writer
      The associated writer.
    • appCommitted

      protected boolean appCommitted
      The application commit flag.
    • included

      protected boolean included
      The included flag.
    • usingOutputStream

      protected boolean usingOutputStream
      Using output stream flag.
    • usingWriter

      protected boolean usingWriter
      Using writer flag.
    • urlEncoder

      protected final UEncoder urlEncoder
      URL encoder.
    • redirectURLCC

      protected final CharChunk redirectURLCC
      Recyclable buffer to hold the redirect URL.
    • request

      protected Request request
      The request with which this response is associated.
    • facade

      protected ResponseFacade facade
      The facade associated with this response.
  • Constructor Details

    • Response

      public Response()
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