Class AbstractSender

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
BioSender, MultipointBioSender, NioSender, ParallelNioSender, PooledSender

public abstract class AbstractSender extends Object implements DataSender
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractSender

      public AbstractSender()
  • Method Details

    • transferProperties

      public static void transferProperties(AbstractSender from, AbstractSender to)
      transfers sender properties from one sender to another
      from - AbstractSender
      to - AbstractSender
    • connect

      public abstract void connect() throws IOException
      Specified by:
      connect in interface DataSender
      IOException - TODO Implement this org.apache.catalina.tribes.transport.DataSender method
    • disconnect

      public abstract void disconnect()
      disconnect TODO Implement this org.apache.catalina.tribes.transport.DataSender method
      Specified by:
      disconnect in interface DataSender
    • keepalive

      public boolean keepalive()
      Specified by:
      keepalive in interface DataSender
      boolean TODO Implement this org.apache.catalina.tribes.transport.DataSender method
    • setConnected

      protected void setConnected(boolean connected)
    • isConnected

      public boolean isConnected()
      Specified by:
      isConnected in interface DataSender
    • getConnectTime

      public long getConnectTime()
      Specified by:
      getConnectTime in interface DataSender
    • getDestination

      public Member getDestination()
    • getKeepAliveCount

      public int getKeepAliveCount()
    • getKeepAliveTime

      public long getKeepAliveTime()
    • getRequestCount

      public int getRequestCount()
      Specified by:
      getRequestCount in interface DataSender
    • getRxBufSize

      public int getRxBufSize()
    • getTimeout

      public long getTimeout()
    • getTxBufSize

      public int getTxBufSize()
    • getAddress

      public InetAddress getAddress()
    • getPort

      public int getPort()
    • getMaxRetryAttempts

      public int getMaxRetryAttempts()
    • setDirectBuffer

      public void setDirectBuffer(boolean directBuffer)
    • getDirectBuffer

      public boolean getDirectBuffer()
    • getAttempt

      public int getAttempt()
    • getTcpNoDelay

      public boolean getTcpNoDelay()
    • getSoKeepAlive

      public boolean getSoKeepAlive()
    • getOoBInline

      public boolean getOoBInline()
    • getSoReuseAddress

      public boolean getSoReuseAddress()
    • getSoLingerOn

      public boolean getSoLingerOn()
    • getSoLingerTime

      public int getSoLingerTime()
    • getSoTrafficClass

      public int getSoTrafficClass()
    • getThrowOnFailedAck

      public boolean getThrowOnFailedAck()
    • setKeepAliveCount

      public void setKeepAliveCount(int keepAliveCount)
      Specified by:
      setKeepAliveCount in interface DataSender
    • setKeepAliveTime

      public void setKeepAliveTime(long keepAliveTime)
      Specified by:
      setKeepAliveTime in interface DataSender
    • setRequestCount

      public void setRequestCount(int requestCount)
    • setRxBufSize

      public void setRxBufSize(int rxBufSize)
      Specified by:
      setRxBufSize in interface DataSender
    • setTimeout

      public void setTimeout(long timeout)
      Specified by:
      setTimeout in interface DataSender
    • setTxBufSize

      public void setTxBufSize(int txBufSize)
      Specified by:
      setTxBufSize in interface DataSender
    • setConnectTime

      public void setConnectTime(long connectTime)
    • setMaxRetryAttempts

      public void setMaxRetryAttempts(int maxRetryAttempts)
    • setAttempt

      public void setAttempt(int attempt)
    • setTcpNoDelay

      public void setTcpNoDelay(boolean tcpNoDelay)
    • setSoKeepAlive

      public void setSoKeepAlive(boolean soKeepAlive)
    • setOoBInline

      public void setOoBInline(boolean ooBInline)
    • setSoReuseAddress

      public void setSoReuseAddress(boolean soReuseAddress)
    • setSoLingerOn

      public void setSoLingerOn(boolean soLingerOn)
    • setSoLingerTime

      public void setSoLingerTime(int soLingerTime)
    • setSoTrafficClass

      public void setSoTrafficClass(int soTrafficClass)
    • setThrowOnFailedAck

      public void setThrowOnFailedAck(boolean throwOnFailedAck)
    • setDestination

      public void setDestination(Member destination) throws UnknownHostException
    • setPort

      public void setPort(int port)
    • setAddress

      public void setAddress(InetAddress address)
    • isUdpBased

      public boolean isUdpBased()
    • setUdpBased

      public void setUdpBased(boolean udpBased)
    • getUdpPort

      public int getUdpPort()
    • setUdpPort

      public void setUdpPort(int udpPort)
    • getUdpRxBufSize

      public int getUdpRxBufSize()
    • setUdpRxBufSize

      public void setUdpRxBufSize(int udpRxBufSize)
    • getUdpTxBufSize

      public int getUdpTxBufSize()
    • setUdpTxBufSize

      public void setUdpTxBufSize(int udpTxBufSize)