Class CompressionConfig

  • public class CompressionConfig
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • CompressionConfig

        public CompressionConfig()
    • Method Detail

      • setCompression

        public void setCompression​(java.lang.String compression)
        Set compression level.
        compression - One of on, force, off or the minimum compression size in bytes which implies on
      • getCompression

        public java.lang.String getCompression()
        Return compression level.
        The current compression level in string form (off/on/force)
      • getCompressionLevel

        public int getCompressionLevel()
      • getNoCompressionUserAgents

        public java.lang.String getNoCompressionUserAgents()
        Obtain the String form of the regular expression that defines the user agents to not use gzip with.
        The regular expression as a String
      • getNoCompressionUserAgentsPattern

        public java.util.regex.Pattern getNoCompressionUserAgentsPattern()
      • setNoCompressionUserAgents

        public void setNoCompressionUserAgents​(java.lang.String noCompressionUserAgents)
        Set no compression user agent pattern. Regular expression as supported by Pattern. e.g.: gorilla|desesplorer|tigrus.
        noCompressionUserAgents - The regular expression for user agent strings for which compression should not be applied
      • getCompressibleMimeType

        public java.lang.String getCompressibleMimeType()
      • setCompressibleMimeType

        public void setCompressibleMimeType​(java.lang.String valueS)
      • getCompressibleMimeTypes

        public java.lang.String[] getCompressibleMimeTypes()
      • getCompressionMinSize

        public int getCompressionMinSize()
      • setCompressionMinSize

        public void setCompressionMinSize​(int compressionMinSize)
        Set Minimum size to trigger compression.
        compressionMinSize - The minimum content length required for compression in bytes
      • getNoCompressionStrongETag

        public boolean getNoCompressionStrongETag()
        Will be removed in Tomcat 10 where it will be hard-coded to true
        Determine if compression is disabled if the resource has a strong ETag.
        true if compression is disabled, otherwise false
      • setNoCompressionStrongETag

        public void setNoCompressionStrongETag​(boolean noCompressionStrongETag)
        Will be removed in Tomcat 10 where it will be hard-coded to true
        Set whether compression is disabled for resources with a strong ETag.
        noCompressionStrongETag - true if compression is disabled, otherwise false
      • useCompression

        public boolean useCompression​(Request request,
                                      Response response)
        Determines if compression should be enabled for the given response and if it is, sets any necessary headers to mark it as such.
        request - The request that triggered the response
        response - The response to consider compressing
        true if compression was enabled for the given response, otherwise false