Interface UpgradeProtocol

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    public interface UpgradeProtocol
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      • getHttpUpgradeName

        java.lang.String getHttpUpgradeName​(boolean isSSLEnabled)
        isSSLEnabled - Is this for a connector that is configured to support TLS. Some protocols (e.g. HTTP/2) only support HTTP upgrade over non-secure connections.
        The name that clients will use to request an upgrade to this protocol via an HTTP/1.1 upgrade request or null if upgrade via an HTTP/1.1 upgrade request is not supported.
      • getAlpnIdentifier

        byte[] getAlpnIdentifier()
        The byte sequence as listed in the IANA registry for this protocol or null if upgrade via ALPN is not supported.
      • getAlpnName

        java.lang.String getAlpnName()
        The name of the protocol as listed in the IANA registry if and only if getAlpnIdentifier() returns the UTF-8 encoding of this name. If getAlpnIdentifier() returns some other byte sequence, then this method returns the empty string. If upgrade via ALPN is not supported then null is returned.
      • getProcessor

        Processor getProcessor​(SocketWrapperBase<?> socketWrapper,
                               Adapter adapter)
        socketWrapper - The socketWrapper for the connection that requires a processor
        adapter - The Adapter instance that provides access to the standard Engine/Host/Context/Wrapper processing chain
        A processor instance for processing a connection using this protocol.
      • getInternalUpgradeHandler

        InternalHttpUpgradeHandler getInternalUpgradeHandler​(Adapter adapter,
                                                             Request request)
        adapter - The Adapter to use to configure the new upgrade handler
        request - A copy (may be incomplete) of the request that triggered the upgrade
        An instance of the HTTP upgrade handler for this protocol
      • accept

        boolean accept​(Request request)
        Allows the implementation to examine the request and accept or reject it based on what it finds.
        request - The request that included an upgrade header for this protocol
        true if the request is accepted, otherwise false