Class UpgradeProcessorInternal

    • Method Detail

      • dispatch

        public AbstractEndpoint.Handler.SocketState dispatch​(SocketEvent status)
        Description copied from class: AbstractProcessorLight
        Process an in-progress request that is not longer in standard HTTP mode. Uses currently include Servlet 3.0 Async and HTTP upgrade connections. Further uses may be added in the future. These will typically start as HTTP requests.
        Specified by:
        dispatch in class AbstractProcessorLight
        status - The event to process
        The state the caller should put the socket in when this method returns
      • setSslSupport

        public final void setSslSupport​(SSLSupport sslSupport)
        Description copied from interface: Processor
        Set the SSL information for this HTTP connection.
        sslSupport - The SSL support object to use for this connection
      • pause

        public void pause()
        Description copied from interface: Processor
        Informs the processor that the underlying I/O layer has stopped accepting new connections. This is primarily intended to enable processors that use multiplexed connections to prevent further 'streams' being added to an existing multiplexed connection.
      • timeoutAsync

        public void timeoutAsync​(long now)
        Description copied from interface: Processor
        Check this processor to see if the timeout has expired and process a timeout if that is that case.

        Note: The name of this method originated with the Servlet 3.0 asynchronous processing but evolved over time to represent a timeout that is triggered independently of the socket read/write timeouts.

        Specified by:
        timeoutAsync in interface Processor
        timeoutAsync in class UpgradeProcessorBase
        now - The time (as returned by System.currentTimeMillis() to use as the current time to determine whether the timeout has expired. If negative, the timeout will always be treated as ifq it has expired.
      • close

        public void close()
                   throws java.lang.Exception