Class EmbeddedServletOptions

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    public final class EmbeddedServletOptions
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements Options
    A class to hold all init parameters specific to the JSP engine.
    Anil K. Vijendran, Hans Bergsten, Pierre Delisle
    • Field Detail

      • fork

        public boolean fork
        Should Ant fork its java compiles of JSP pages.
    • Constructor Detail

      • EmbeddedServletOptions

        public EmbeddedServletOptions​(ServletConfig config,
                                      ServletContext context)
        Create an EmbeddedServletOptions object using data available from ServletConfig and ServletContext.
        config - The Servlet config
        context - The Servlet context
    • Method Detail

      • getProperty

        public java.lang.String getProperty​(java.lang.String name)
      • setProperty

        public void setProperty​(java.lang.String name,
                                java.lang.String value)
      • setQuoteAttributeEL

        public void setQuoteAttributeEL​(boolean b)
      • getQuoteAttributeEL

        public boolean getQuoteAttributeEL()
        Specified by:
        getQuoteAttributeEL in interface Options
        true if EL expressions used within attributes should have the quoting rules in JSP.1.6 applied to the expression.
      • getKeepGenerated

        public boolean getKeepGenerated()
        Are we keeping generated code around?
        Specified by:
        getKeepGenerated in interface Options
        true to keep the generated source
      • getTrimSpaces

        public boolean getTrimSpaces()
        Should template text that consists entirely of whitespace be removed?
        Specified by:
        getTrimSpaces in interface Options
        true to remove template text that consists entirely of whitespace
      • isPoolingEnabled

        public boolean isPoolingEnabled()
        Specified by:
        isPoolingEnabled in interface Options
        true if tag handler pooling is enabled, false otherwise.
      • getMappedFile

        public boolean getMappedFile()
        Are we supporting HTML mapped servlets?
        Specified by:
        getMappedFile in interface Options
        true if HTML mapped Servlets are supported.
      • getClassDebugInfo

        public boolean getClassDebugInfo()
        Should class files be compiled with debug information?
        Specified by:
        getClassDebugInfo in interface Options
        true if debug information in included in compiled classes.
      • getCheckInterval

        public int getCheckInterval()
        Background JSP compile thread check interval
        Specified by:
        getCheckInterval in interface Options
        background compile thread check interval in seconds
      • getModificationTestInterval

        public int getModificationTestInterval()
        Modification test interval.
        Specified by:
        getModificationTestInterval in interface Options
        modification test interval.
      • getRecompileOnFail

        public boolean getRecompileOnFail()
        Re-compile on failure.
        Specified by:
        getRecompileOnFail in interface Options
        true if re-compile will occur on a failure.
      • getDevelopment

        public boolean getDevelopment()
        Is Jasper being used in development mode?
        Specified by:
        getDevelopment in interface Options
        true if Jasper is in development mode
      • isSmapSuppressed

        public boolean isSmapSuppressed()
        Is the generation of SMAP info for JSR45 debugging suppressed?
        Specified by:
        isSmapSuppressed in interface Options
        true to suppress generation of SMAP info for JSR45 debugging.
      • isSmapDumped

        public boolean isSmapDumped()
        Should SMAP info for JSR45 debugging be dumped to a file?
        Specified by:
        isSmapDumped in interface Options
        true to write SMAP info for JSR45 debugging to a file.
      • genStringAsCharArray

        public boolean genStringAsCharArray()
        Are Text strings to be generated as char arrays?
        Specified by:
        genStringAsCharArray in interface Options
        true if text strings are to be generated as char arrays, false otherwise
      • getIeClassId

        public java.lang.String getIeClassId()
        Class ID for use in the plugin tag when the browser is IE.
        Specified by:
        getIeClassId in interface Options
        Class-id value
      • getScratchDir

        public getScratchDir()
        What is my scratch dir?
        Specified by:
        getScratchDir in interface Options
        the work folder
      • getClassPath

        public java.lang.String getClassPath()
        What classpath should I use while compiling the servlets generated from JSP files?
        Specified by:
        getClassPath in interface Options
        the classpath used to compile generated Servlets
      • isXpoweredBy

        public boolean isXpoweredBy()
        Is generation of X-Powered-By response header enabled/disabled?
        Specified by:
        isXpoweredBy in interface Options
        true to generate a X-Powered-By response header.
      • getCompiler

        public java.lang.String getCompiler()
        Compiler to use.
        Specified by:
        getCompiler in interface Options
        the compiler name
      • getCompilerClassName

        public java.lang.String getCompilerClassName()
        Java compiler class to use.
        Specified by:
        getCompilerClassName in interface Options
        Jasper Java compiler class to use.
      • getErrorOnUseBeanInvalidClassAttribute

        public boolean getErrorOnUseBeanInvalidClassAttribute()
        Description copied from interface: Options
        Returns true if Jasper issues a compilation error instead of a runtime Instantiation error if the class attribute specified in useBean action is invalid.
        Specified by:
        getErrorOnUseBeanInvalidClassAttribute in interface Options
        true to get an error
      • setErrorOnUseBeanInvalidClassAttribute

        public void setErrorOnUseBeanInvalidClassAttribute​(boolean b)
      • getTldCache

        public TldCache getTldCache()
        Description copied from interface: Options
        The cache that maps URIs, resource paths and parsed TLD files for the various tag libraries 'exposed' by the web application. A tag library is 'exposed' either explicitly in web.xml or implicitly via the uri tag in the TLD of a taglib deployed in a jar file (WEB-INF/lib).
        Specified by:
        getTldCache in interface Options
        the instance of the TldLocationsCache for the web-application.
      • setTldCache

        public void setTldCache​(TldCache tldCache)
      • getJavaEncoding

        public java.lang.String getJavaEncoding()
        Specified by:
        getJavaEncoding in interface Options
        Java platform encoding to generate the JSP page servlet.
      • getFork

        public boolean getFork()
        Description copied from interface: Options
        The boolean flag to tell Ant whether to fork JSP page compilations.

        Is used only when Jasper uses an external java compiler (wrapped through a javac Apache Ant task).

        Specified by:
        getFork in interface Options
        true to fork a process during compilation
      • getJspConfig

        public JspConfig getJspConfig()
        Specified by:
        getJspConfig in interface Options
        JSP configuration information specified in web.xml.
      • isCaching

        public boolean isCaching()
        Specified by:
        isCaching in interface Options
        true is caching is enabled (used for precompilation).
      • getCache

        public java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​TagLibraryInfo> getCache()
        Description copied from interface: Options
        The web-application wide cache for the TagLibraryInfo tag library descriptors, used if Options.isCaching() returns true.

        Using this cache avoids the cost of repeating the parsing of a tag library descriptor XML file (performed by TagLibraryInfoImpl.parseTLD).

        Specified by:
        getCache in interface Options
        the Map(String uri, TagLibraryInfo tld) instance.
      • getDisplaySourceFragment

        public boolean getDisplaySourceFragment()
        Should we include a source fragment in exception messages, which could be displayed to the developer ?
        Specified by:
        getDisplaySourceFragment in interface Options
        true to include a source fragment in exception messages.
      • getMaxLoadedJsps

        public int getMaxLoadedJsps()
        Should jsps be unloaded if to many are loaded? If set to a value greater than 0 eviction of jsps is started. Default: -1
        Specified by:
        getMaxLoadedJsps in interface Options
        The JSP count
      • getJspIdleTimeout

        public int getJspIdleTimeout()
        Should any jsps be unloaded when being idle for this time in seconds? If set to a value greater than 0 eviction of jsps is started. Default: -1
        Specified by:
        getJspIdleTimeout in interface Options
        the idle time in seconds after which a JSP is unloaded. If unset or less or equal than 0, no jsps are unloaded.
      • getStrictQuoteEscaping

        public boolean getStrictQuoteEscaping()
        Specified by:
        getStrictQuoteEscaping in interface Options
        true if the quote escaping required by section JSP.1.6 of the JSP specification should be applied to scriplet expression.