Class TagHandlerPool


public class TagHandlerPool extends Object
Pool of tag handlers that can be reused.
Jan Luehe
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • TagHandlerPool

      public TagHandlerPool()
      Constructs a tag handler pool with the default capacity.
  • Method Details

    • getTagHandlerPool

      public static TagHandlerPool getTagHandlerPool(ServletConfig config)
    • init

      protected void init(ServletConfig config)
    • get

      public Tag get(Class<? extends Tag> handlerClass) throws JspException
      Gets the next available tag handler from this tag handler pool, instantiating one if this tag handler pool is empty.
      handlerClass - Tag handler class
      Reused or newly instantiated tag handler
      JspException - if a tag handler cannot be instantiated
    • reuse

      public void reuse(Tag handler)
      Adds the given tag handler to this tag handler pool, unless this tag handler pool has already reached its capacity, in which case the tag handler's release() method is called.
      handler - Tag handler to add to this tag handler pool
    • release

      public void release()
      Calls the release() method of all available tag handlers in this tag handler pool.
    • getOption

      protected static String getOption(ServletConfig config, String name, String defaultV)