Interface EvictionPolicy<T>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - the type of objects in the pool
    All Known Implementing Classes:

    public interface EvictionPolicy<T>
    To provide a custom eviction policy (i.e. something other than DefaultEvictionPolicy for a pool, users must provide an implementation of this interface that provides the required eviction policy.
    • Method Detail

      • evict

        boolean evict​(EvictionConfig config,
                      PooledObject<T> underTest,
                      int idleCount)
        This method is called to test if an idle object in the pool should be evicted or not.
        config - The pool configuration settings related to eviction
        underTest - The pooled object being tested for eviction
        idleCount - The current number of idle objects in the pool including the object under test
        true if the object should be evicted, otherwise false