All Implemented Interfaces:
DocumentProperties.Charset, DocumentProperties.Encoding

Representation of common elements of web.xml and web-fragment.xml. Provides a repository for parsed data before the elements are merged. Validation is spread between multiple classes: The digester checks for structural correctness (eg single login-config) This class checks for invalid duplicates (eg filter/servlet names) StandardContext will check validity of values (eg URL formats etc)
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • WebXml

      public WebXml()
  • Method Details

    • isOverridable

      public boolean isOverridable()
    • setOverridable

      public void setOverridable(boolean overridable)
    • isDuplicated

      public boolean isDuplicated()
    • setDuplicated

      @Deprecated public void setDuplicated(boolean duplicated)
    • addDuplicate

      public void addDuplicate(String duplicate)
    • getDuplicates

      public List<String> getDuplicates()
    • createAbsoluteOrdering

      public void createAbsoluteOrdering()
    • addAbsoluteOrdering

      public void addAbsoluteOrdering(String fragmentName)
    • addAbsoluteOrderingOthers

      public void addAbsoluteOrderingOthers()
    • getAbsoluteOrdering

      public Set<String> getAbsoluteOrdering()
    • addAfterOrdering

      public void addAfterOrdering(String fragmentName)
    • addAfterOrderingOthers

      public void addAfterOrderingOthers()
    • getAfterOrdering

      public Set<String> getAfterOrdering()
    • addBeforeOrdering

      public void addBeforeOrdering(String fragmentName)
    • addBeforeOrderingOthers

      public void addBeforeOrderingOthers()
    • getBeforeOrdering

      public Set<String> getBeforeOrdering()
    • getVersion

      public String getVersion()
    • setVersion

      public void setVersion(String version)
      Set the version for this web.xml file
      version - Values of null will be ignored
    • getPublicId

      public String getPublicId()
    • setPublicId

      public void setPublicId(String publicId)
    • isMetadataComplete

      public boolean isMetadataComplete()
    • setMetadataComplete

      public void setMetadataComplete(boolean metadataComplete)
    • getName

      public String getName()
    • setName

      public void setName(String name)
    • getMajorVersion

      public int getMajorVersion()
    • getMinorVersion

      public int getMinorVersion()
    • getDisplayName

      public String getDisplayName()
    • setDisplayName

      public void setDisplayName(String displayName)
    • isDistributable

      public boolean isDistributable()
    • setDistributable

      public void setDistributable(boolean distributable)
    • getDenyUncoveredHttpMethods

      public boolean getDenyUncoveredHttpMethods()
    • setDenyUncoveredHttpMethods

      public void setDenyUncoveredHttpMethods(boolean denyUncoveredHttpMethods)
    • addContextParam

      public void addContextParam(String param, String value)
    • getContextParams

      public Map<String,String> getContextParams()
    • addFilter

      public void addFilter(FilterDef filter)
    • getFilters

      public Map<String,FilterDef> getFilters()
    • addFilterMapping

      public void addFilterMapping(FilterMap filterMap)
    • getFilterMappings

      public Set<FilterMap> getFilterMappings()
    • addListener

      public void addListener(String className)
    • getListeners

      public Set<String> getListeners()
    • addServlet

      public void addServlet(ServletDef servletDef)
    • getServlets

      public Map<String,ServletDef> getServlets()
    • addServletMapping

      public void addServletMapping(String urlPattern, String servletName)
    • addServletMappingDecoded

      public void addServletMappingDecoded(String urlPattern, String servletName)
    • getServletMappings

      public Map<String,String> getServletMappings()
    • setSessionConfig

      public void setSessionConfig(SessionConfig sessionConfig)
    • getSessionConfig

      public SessionConfig getSessionConfig()
    • addMimeMapping

      public void addMimeMapping(String extension, String mimeType)
    • getMimeMappings

      public Map<String,String> getMimeMappings()
    • setReplaceWelcomeFiles

      public void setReplaceWelcomeFiles(boolean replaceWelcomeFiles)
      When merging/parsing web.xml files into this web.xml should the current set be completely replaced?
      replaceWelcomeFiles - true to replace welcome files rather than add to the list
    • setAlwaysAddWelcomeFiles

      public void setAlwaysAddWelcomeFiles(boolean alwaysAddWelcomeFiles)
      When merging from this web.xml, should the welcome files be added to the target web.xml even if it already contains welcome file definitions.
      alwaysAddWelcomeFiles - true to add welcome files
    • addWelcomeFile

      public void addWelcomeFile(String welcomeFile)
    • getWelcomeFiles

      public Set<String> getWelcomeFiles()
    • addErrorPage

      public void addErrorPage(ErrorPage errorPage)
    • getErrorPages

      public Map<String,ErrorPage> getErrorPages()
    • addTaglib

      public void addTaglib(String uri, String location)
    • getTaglibs

      public Map<String,String> getTaglibs()
    • addJspPropertyGroup

      public void addJspPropertyGroup(JspPropertyGroup propertyGroup)
    • getJspPropertyGroups

      public Set<JspPropertyGroup> getJspPropertyGroups()
    • addSecurityConstraint

      public void addSecurityConstraint(SecurityConstraint securityConstraint)
    • getSecurityConstraints

      public Set<SecurityConstraint> getSecurityConstraints()
    • setLoginConfig

      public void setLoginConfig(LoginConfig loginConfig)
    • getLoginConfig

      public LoginConfig getLoginConfig()
    • addSecurityRole

      public void addSecurityRole(String securityRole)
    • getSecurityRoles

      public Set<String> getSecurityRoles()
    • addEnvEntry

      public void addEnvEntry(ContextEnvironment envEntry)
    • getEnvEntries

      public Map<String,ContextEnvironment> getEnvEntries()
    • addEjbRef

      public void addEjbRef(ContextEjb ejbRef)
    • getEjbRefs

      public Map<String,ContextEjb> getEjbRefs()
    • addEjbLocalRef

      public void addEjbLocalRef(ContextLocalEjb ejbLocalRef)
    • getEjbLocalRefs

      public Map<String,ContextLocalEjb> getEjbLocalRefs()
    • addServiceRef

      public void addServiceRef(ContextService serviceRef)
    • getServiceRefs

      public Map<String,ContextService> getServiceRefs()
    • addResourceRef

      public void addResourceRef(ContextResource resourceRef)
    • getResourceRefs

      public Map<String,ContextResource> getResourceRefs()
    • addResourceEnvRef

      public void addResourceEnvRef(ContextResourceEnvRef resourceEnvRef)
    • getResourceEnvRefs

      public Map<String,ContextResourceEnvRef> getResourceEnvRefs()
    • addMessageDestinationRef

      public void addMessageDestinationRef(MessageDestinationRef messageDestinationRef)
    • getMessageDestinationRefs

      public Map<String,MessageDestinationRef> getMessageDestinationRefs()
    • addMessageDestination

      public void addMessageDestination(MessageDestination messageDestination)
    • getMessageDestinations

      public Map<String,MessageDestination> getMessageDestinations()
    • addLocaleEncodingMapping

      public void addLocaleEncodingMapping(String locale, String encoding)
    • getLocaleEncodingMappings

      public Map<String,String> getLocaleEncodingMappings()
    • addPostConstructMethods

      public void addPostConstructMethods(String clazz, String method)
    • getPostConstructMethods

      public Map<String,String> getPostConstructMethods()
    • addPreDestroyMethods

      public void addPreDestroyMethods(String clazz, String method)
    • getPreDestroyMethods

      public Map<String,String> getPreDestroyMethods()
    • getJspConfigDescriptor

      public JspConfigDescriptor getJspConfigDescriptor()
    • setURL

      public void setURL(URL url)
    • getURL

      public URL getURL()
    • setJarName

      public void setJarName(String jarName)
    • getJarName

      public String getJarName()
    • setWebappJar

      public void setWebappJar(boolean webappJar)
    • getWebappJar

      public boolean getWebappJar()
    • getDelegate

      public boolean getDelegate()
    • setDelegate

      public void setDelegate(boolean delegate)
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • toXml

      public String toXml()
      Generate a web.xml in String form that matches the representation stored in this object.
      The complete contents of web.xml as a String
    • merge

      public boolean merge(Set<WebXml> fragments)
      Merge the supplied web fragments into this main web.xml.
      fragments - The fragments to merge in
      true if merge is successful, else false
    • orderWebFragments

      public static Set<WebXml> orderWebFragments(WebXml application, Map<String,WebXml> fragments, ServletContext servletContext)
      Generates the sub-set of the web-fragment.xml files to be processed in the order that the fragments must be processed as per the rules in the Servlet spec.
      application - The application web.xml file
      fragments - The map of fragment names to web fragments
      servletContext - The servlet context the fragments are associated with
      Ordered list of web-fragment.xml files to process