Class WebXmlParser

  • public class WebXmlParser
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • WebXmlParser

        public WebXmlParser​(boolean namespaceAware,
                            boolean validation,
                            boolean blockExternal)
    • Method Detail

      • parseWebXml

        public boolean parseWebXml​(URL url,
                                   WebXml dest,
                                   boolean fragment)
                            throws IOException
        Parse a web descriptor at a location.
        url - the location; if null no load will be attempted
        dest - the instance to be populated by the parse operation
        fragment - indicate if the descriptor is a web-app or web-fragment
        true if the descriptor was successfully parsed
        IOException - if there was a problem reading from the URL
      • parseWebXml

        public boolean parseWebXml​(InputSource source,
                                   WebXml dest,
                                   boolean fragment)
      • setClassLoader

        public void setClassLoader​(ClassLoader classLoader)
        Sets the ClassLoader to be used for creating descriptor objects.
        classLoader - the ClassLoader to be used for creating descriptor objects