Annotation Type HttpConstraint

@Retention(RUNTIME) @Documented public @interface HttpConstraint
This annotation represents the security constraints that are applied to all requests with HTTP protocol method types that are not otherwise represented by a corresponding HttpMethodConstraint in a ServletSecurity annotation.
Servlet 3.0
  • Element Details

    • value

      The EmptyRoleSemantic determines the behaviour when the rolesAllowed list is empty.
      empty role semantic
    • transportGuarantee

      Determines whether SSL/TLS is required to process the current request.
      transport guarantee
    • rolesAllowed

      String[] rolesAllowed
      The authorized roles' names. The container may discard duplicate role names during processing of the annotation. N.B. The String "*" does not have a special meaning if it occurs as a role name.
      array of names. The array may be of zero length, in which case the EmptyRoleSemantic applies; the returned value determines whether access is to be permitted or denied regardless of the identity and authentication state in either case, PERMIT or DENY.
      Otherwise, when the array contains one or more role names access is permitted if the user a member of at least one of the named roles. The EmptyRoleSemantic is not applied in this case.