Interface Executor

All Superinterfaces:
Executor, Lifecycle
All Known Implementing Classes:
StandardThreadExecutor, StandardVirtualThreadExecutor

public interface Executor extends Executor, Lifecycle
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    • getName

      String getName()
    • execute

      @Deprecated void execute(Runnable command, long timeout, TimeUnit unit)
      Unused. Will be removed in Tomcat 10.1.x onwards.
      Executes the given command at some time in the future. The command may execute in a new thread, in a pooled thread, or in the calling thread, at the discretion of the Executor implementation. If no threads are available, it will be added to the work queue. If the work queue is full, the system will wait for the specified time until it throws a RejectedExecutionException
      command - the runnable task
      timeout - the length of time to wait for the task to complete
      unit - the units in which timeout is expressed
      RejectedExecutionException - if this task cannot be accepted for execution - the queue is full
      NullPointerException - if command or unit is null