Class AccessLogAdapter

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class AccessLogAdapter extends Object implements AccessLog
A helper class that wraps several AccessLog instances.
  • Constructor Details

    • AccessLogAdapter

      public AccessLogAdapter(AccessLog log)
  • Method Details

    • add

      public void add(AccessLog log)
    • log

      public void log(Request request, Response response, long time)
      Description copied from interface: AccessLog
      Add the request/response to the access log using the specified processing time.
      Specified by:
      log in interface AccessLog
      request - Request (associated with the response) to log
      response - Response (associated with the request) to log
      time - Time taken to process the request/response in milliseconds (use 0 if not known)
    • setRequestAttributesEnabled

      public void setRequestAttributesEnabled(boolean requestAttributesEnabled)
      Description copied from interface: AccessLog
      Should this valve use request attributes for IP address, hostname, protocol and port used for the request? The attributes used are:
      • org.apache.catalina.RemoteAddr
      • org.apache.catalina.RemoteHost
      • org.apache.catalina.Protocol
      • org.apache.catalina.ServerName
      • org.apache.catalina.ServerPost
      Specified by:
      setRequestAttributesEnabled in interface AccessLog
      requestAttributesEnabled - true causes the attributes to be used, false causes the original values to be used.
    • getRequestAttributesEnabled

      public boolean getRequestAttributesEnabled()
      Specified by:
      getRequestAttributesEnabled in interface AccessLog
      true if the attributes will be logged, otherwise false
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