Class ApplicationFilterChain

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public final class ApplicationFilterChain extends Object implements FilterChain
Implementation of javax.servlet.FilterChain used to manage the execution of a set of filters for a particular request. When the set of defined filters has all been executed, the next call to doFilter() will execute the servlet's service() method itself.
Craig R. McClanahan
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    • ApplicationFilterChain

      public ApplicationFilterChain()
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    • doFilter

      public void doFilter(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response) throws IOException, ServletException
      Description copied from interface: javax.servlet.FilterChain
      Causes the next filter in the chain to be invoked, or if the calling filter is the last filter in the chain, causes the resource at the end of the chain to be invoked.
      Specified by:
      doFilter in interface FilterChain
      request - the request to pass along the chain.
      response - the response to pass along the chain.
      IOException - if an I/O error occurs during the processing of the request
      ServletException - if the processing fails for any other reason
    • getLastServicedRequest

      public static ServletRequest getLastServicedRequest()
      The last request passed to a servlet for servicing from the current thread.
      The last request to be serviced.
    • getLastServicedResponse

      public static ServletResponse getLastServicedResponse()
      The last response passed to a servlet for servicing from the current thread.
      The last response to be serviced.
    • findNonAsyncFilters

      public void findNonAsyncFilters(Set<String> result)
      Identifies the Filters, if any, in this FilterChain that do not support async.
      result - The Set to which the fully qualified class names of each Filter in this FilterChain that does not support async will be added