Class ContextNamingInfoListener

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ContextNamingInfoListener extends Object implements LifecycleListener
Implementation of LifecycleListener that will create context naming information environment entries.

This listener must only be nested within Context elements.

The following entries will be added to the initial context (java:comp/env implied):

See the Tomcat documentation for more details on the values.

  • Constructor Details

    • ContextNamingInfoListener

      public ContextNamingInfoListener()
  • Method Details

    • setEmptyOnRoot

      public void setEmptyOnRoot(boolean emptyOnRoot)
      Sets whether for the root context context/path and context/encodedPath will contain "/" and context/name will contain "ROOT" with a version, if any.
      emptyOnRoot - whether paths and name for root context shall be empty
    • isEmptyOnRoot

      public boolean isEmptyOnRoot()
      Gets whether paths and name for the root context will be empty.
      indicator whether paths and name for the root context will be empty
    • lifecycleEvent

      public void lifecycleEvent(LifecycleEvent event)
      Description copied from interface: LifecycleListener
      Acknowledge the occurrence of the specified event.
      Specified by:
      lifecycleEvent in interface LifecycleListener
      event - LifecycleEvent that has occurred