Class FailedRequestFilter

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    public class FailedRequestFilter
    extends FilterBase
    Filter that will reject requests if there was a failure during parameter parsing. This filter can be used to ensure that none parameter values submitted by client are lost.

    Note that parameter parsing may consume the body of an HTTP request, so caution is needed if the servlet protected by this filter uses request.getInputStream() or request.getReader() calls. In general the risk of breaking a web application by adding this filter is not so high, because parameter parsing does check content type of the request before consuming the request body.

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      • FailedRequestFilter

        public FailedRequestFilter()
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      • doFilter

        public void doFilter​(ServletRequest request,
                             ServletResponse response,
                             FilterChain chain)
                      throws IOException,
        Description copied from interface: javax.servlet.Filter
        The doFilter method of the Filter is called by the container each time a request/response pair is passed through the chain due to a client request for a resource at the end of the chain. The FilterChain passed in to this method allows the Filter to pass on the request and response to the next entity in the chain.

        A typical implementation of this method would follow the following pattern:-
        1. Examine the request
        2. Optionally wrap the request object with a custom implementation to filter content or headers for input filtering
        3. Optionally wrap the response object with a custom implementation to filter content or headers for output filtering
        4. a) Either invoke the next entity in the chain using the FilterChain object (chain.doFilter()),
        4. b) or not pass on the request/response pair to the next entity in the filter chain to block the request processing
        5. Directly set headers on the response after invocation of the next entity in the filter chain.

        request - The request to process
        response - The response associated with the request
        chain - Provides access to the next filter in the chain for this filter to pass the request and response to for further processing
        IOException - if an I/O error occurs during this filter's processing of the request
        ServletException - if the processing fails for any other reason
      • isConfigProblemFatal

        protected boolean isConfigProblemFatal()
        Description copied from class: FilterBase
        Determines if an exception when calling a setter or an unknown configuration attribute triggers the failure of the this filter which in turn will prevent the web application from starting.
        isConfigProblemFatal in class FilterBase
        true if a problem should trigger the failure of this filter, else false