Class RemoteAddrFilter

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    public final class RemoteAddrFilter
    extends RequestFilter
    Concrete implementation of RequestFilter that filters based on the string representation of the remote client's IP address.
    Craig R. McClanahan
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      • RemoteAddrFilter

        public RemoteAddrFilter()
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      • doFilter

        public void doFilter​(ServletRequest request,
                             ServletResponse response,
                             FilterChain chain)
        Extract the desired request property, and pass it (along with the specified request and response objects and associated filter chain) to the protected process() method to perform the actual filtering.
        Specified by:
        doFilter in interface Filter
        Specified by:
        doFilter in class RequestFilter
        request - The servlet request to be processed
        response - The servlet response to be created
        chain - The filter chain for this request
        Throws: - if an input/output error occurs
        ServletException - if a servlet error occurs