Class MemoryRealm

All Implemented Interfaces:
MBeanRegistration, Contained, JmxEnabled, Lifecycle, Realm
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public class MemoryRealm extends RealmBase
Simple implementation of Realm that reads an XML file to configure the valid users, passwords, and roles. The file format (and default file location) are identical to those currently supported by Tomcat 3.X.

IMPLEMENTATION NOTE: It is assumed that the in-memory collection representing our defined users (and their roles) is initialized at application startup and never modified again. Therefore, no thread synchronization is performed around accesses to the principals collection.

Craig R. McClanahan
  • Constructor Details

    • MemoryRealm

      public MemoryRealm()
  • Method Details

    • getPathname

      public String getPathname()
      the pathname of our XML file containing user definitions.
    • setPathname

      public void setPathname(String pathname)
      Set the pathname of our XML file containing user definitions. If a relative pathname is specified, it is resolved against "catalina.base".
      pathname - The new pathname
    • authenticate

      public Principal authenticate(String username, String credentials)
      Description copied from interface: Realm
      Try to authenticate using the specified username and credentials.
      Specified by:
      authenticate in interface Realm
      authenticate in class RealmBase
      username - Username of the Principal to look up
      credentials - Password or other credentials to use in authenticating this username
      the associated principal, or null if there is none
    • getDigester

      protected Digester getDigester()
      a configured Digester to use for processing the XML input file, creating a new one if necessary.
    • getPassword

      protected String getPassword(String username)
      Description copied from class: RealmBase
      Get the password for the specified user.
      Specified by:
      getPassword in class RealmBase
      username - The user name
      the password associated with the given principal's user name.
    • getPrincipal

      protected Principal getPrincipal(String username)
      Description copied from class: RealmBase
      Get the principal associated with the specified user.
      Specified by:
      getPrincipal in class RealmBase
      username - The user name
      the Principal associated with the given user name.
    • startInternal

      protected void startInternal() throws LifecycleException
      Description copied from class: RealmBase
      Prepare for the beginning of active use of the public methods of this component and implement the requirements of LifecycleBase.startInternal().
      startInternal in class RealmBase
      LifecycleException - if this component detects a fatal error that prevents this component from being used