Class EngineConfig

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    public class EngineConfig
    extends Object
    implements LifecycleListener
    Startup event listener for an Engine that configures the properties of that Engine, and the associated defined contexts.
    Craig R. McClanahan
    • Field Detail

      • engine

        protected Engine engine
        The Engine we are associated with.
      • sm

        protected static final StringManager sm
        The string resources for this package.
    • Constructor Detail

      • EngineConfig

        public EngineConfig()
    • Method Detail

      • lifecycleEvent

        public void lifecycleEvent​(LifecycleEvent event)
        Process the START event for an associated Engine.
        Specified by:
        lifecycleEvent in interface LifecycleListener
        event - The lifecycle event that has occurred
      • start

        protected void start()
        Process a "start" event for this Engine.
      • stop

        protected void stop()
        Process a "stop" event for this Engine.