Class HostConfig.DeployedApplication

  • Enclosing class:

    protected static class HostConfig.DeployedApplication
    extends Object
    This class represents the state of a deployed application, as well as the monitored resources.
    • Field Detail

      • name

        public final String name
        Application context path. The assertion is that (host.getChild(name) != null).
      • hasDescriptor

        public final boolean hasDescriptor
        Does this application have a context.xml descriptor file on the host's configBase?
      • redeployResources

        public final LinkedHashMap<String,​Long> redeployResources
        Any modification of the specified (static) resources will cause a redeployment of the application. If any of the specified resources is removed, the application will be undeployed. Typically, this will contain resources like the context.xml file, a compressed WAR path. The value is the last modification time.
      • reloadResources

        public final HashMap<String,​Long> reloadResources
        Any modification of the specified (static) resources will cause a reload of the application. This will typically contain resources such as the web.xml of a webapp, but can be configured to contain additional descriptors. The value is the last modification time.
      • timestamp

        public long timestamp
        Instant where the application was last put in service.
      • loggedDirWarning

        public boolean loggedDirWarning
        In some circumstances, such as when unpackWARs is true, a directory may be added to the appBase that is ignored. This flag indicates that the user has been warned so that the warning is not logged on every run of the auto deployer.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DeployedApplication

        public DeployedApplication​(String name,
                                   boolean hasDescriptor)