Class RxTaskPool


public class RxTaskPool extends Object
A very simple thread pool class. The pool size is set at construction time and remains fixed. Threads are cycled through a FIFO idle queue.
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • configureTask

      protected void configureTask(AbstractRxTask task)
    • getRxTask

      public AbstractRxTask getRxTask()
      Find an idle worker thread, if any. Could return null.
      a worker
    • available

      public int available()
    • returnWorker

      public void returnWorker(AbstractRxTask worker)
      Called by the worker thread to return itself to the idle pool.
      worker - The worker
    • getMaxThreads

      public int getMaxThreads()
    • getMinThreads

      public int getMinThreads()
    • stop

      public void stop()
    • setMaxTasks

      public void setMaxTasks(int maxThreads)
    • setMinTasks

      public void setMinTasks(int minThreads)
    • getTaskCreator

      public RxTaskPool.TaskCreator getTaskCreator()