Class NioReplicationTask

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    public class NioReplicationTask
    extends AbstractRxTask
    A worker thread class which can drain channels and echo-back the input. Each instance is constructed with a reference to the owning thread pool object. When started, the thread loops forever waiting to be awakened to service the channel associated with a SelectionKey object. The worker is tasked by calling its serviceChannel() method with a SelectionKey object. The serviceChannel() method stores the key reference in the thread object then calls notify() to wake it up. When the channel has been drained, the worker thread returns itself to its parent pool.
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      • run

        public void run()
      • serviceChannel

        public void serviceChannel​(java.nio.channels.SelectionKey key)
        Called to initiate a unit of work by this worker thread on the provided SelectionKey object. This method is synchronized, as is the run() method, so only one key can be serviced at a given time. Before waking the worker thread, and before returning to the main selection loop, this key's interest set is updated to remove OP_READ. This will cause the selector to ignore read-readiness for this channel while the worker thread is servicing it.
        key - The key to process
      • drainChannel

        protected void drainChannel​(java.nio.channels.SelectionKey key,
                                    ObjectReader reader)
                             throws java.lang.Exception
        The actual code which drains the channel associated with the given key. This method assumes the key has been modified prior to invocation to turn off selection interest in OP_READ. When this method completes it re-enables OP_READ and calls wakeup() on the selector so the selector will resume watching this channel.
        key - The key to process
        reader - The reader
        java.lang.Exception - IO error
      • registerForRead

        protected void registerForRead​(java.nio.channels.SelectionKey key,
                                       ObjectReader reader)
      • sendAck

        protected void sendAck​(java.nio.channels.SelectionKey key,
                               java.nio.channels.WritableByteChannel channel,
                               byte[] command,
        Send a reply-acknowledgement (6,2,3), sends it doing a busy write, the ACK is so small that it should always go to the buffer.
        key - The key to use
        channel - The channel
        command - The command to write
        udpaddr - Target address
      • setRxBufSize

        public void setRxBufSize​(int rxBufSize)
      • getRxBufSize

        public int getRxBufSize()