Class MemoryUserDatabaseFactory

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MemoryUserDatabaseFactory extends Object implements ObjectFactory

JNDI object creation factory for MemoryUserDatabase instances. This makes it convenient to configure a user database in the global JNDI resources associated with this Catalina instance, and then link to that resource for web applications that administer the contents of the user database.

The MemoryUserDatabase instance is configured based on the following parameter values:

  • pathname - Absolute or relative (to the directory path specified by the catalina.base system property) pathname to the XML file from which our user information is loaded, and to which it is stored. [conf/tomcat-users.xml]
Craig R. McClanahan
  • Constructor Details

    • MemoryUserDatabaseFactory

      public MemoryUserDatabaseFactory()
  • Method Details

    • getObjectInstance

      public Object getObjectInstance(Object obj, Name name, Context nameCtx, Hashtable<?,?> environment) throws Exception

      Create and return a new MemoryUserDatabase instance that has been configured according to the properties of the specified Reference. If you instance can be created, return null instead.

      Specified by:
      getObjectInstance in interface ObjectFactory
      obj - The possibly null object containing location or reference information that can be used in creating an object
      name - The name of this object relative to nameCtx
      nameCtx - The context relative to which the name parameter is specified, or null if name is relative to the default initial context
      environment - The possibly null environment that is used in creating this object