Class Extension


public final class Extension extends Object
Utility class that represents either an available "Optional Package" (formerly known as "Standard Extension") as described in the manifest of a JAR file, or the requirement for such an optional package. It is used to support the requirements of the Servlet Specification, version 2.3, related to providing shared extensions to all webapps.

In addition, static utility methods are available to scan a manifest and return an array of either available or required optional modules documented in that manifest.

For more information about optional packages, see the document Optional Package Versioning in the documentation bundle for your Java2 Standard Edition package, in file guide/extensions/versioning.html.

Craig McClanahan, Justyna Horwat, Greg Murray
  • Constructor Details

    • Extension

      public Extension()
  • Method Details

    • getExtensionName

      public String getExtensionName()
    • setExtensionName

      public void setExtensionName(String extensionName)
    • getImplementationURL

      public String getImplementationURL()
    • setImplementationURL

      public void setImplementationURL(String implementationURL)
    • getImplementationVendor

      public String getImplementationVendor()
    • setImplementationVendor

      public void setImplementationVendor(String implementationVendor)
    • getImplementationVendorId

      public String getImplementationVendorId()
    • setImplementationVendorId

      public void setImplementationVendorId(String implementationVendorId)
    • getImplementationVersion

      public String getImplementationVersion()
    • setImplementationVersion

      public void setImplementationVersion(String implementationVersion)
    • getSpecificationVendor

      public String getSpecificationVendor()
    • setSpecificationVendor

      public void setSpecificationVendor(String specificationVendor)
    • getSpecificationVersion

      public String getSpecificationVersion()
    • setSpecificationVersion

      public void setSpecificationVersion(String specificationVersion)
    • setFulfilled

      public void setFulfilled(boolean fulfilled)
    • isFulfilled

      public boolean isFulfilled()
    • isCompatibleWith

      public boolean isCompatibleWith(Extension required)
      Return true if the specified Extension (which represents an optional package required by this application) is satisfied by this Extension (which represents an optional package that is already installed. Otherwise, return false.
      required - Extension of the required optional package
      true if the extension is satisfied
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object