Class ExtensionValidator


public final class ExtensionValidator extends Object
Ensures that all extension dependencies are resolved for a WEB application are met. This class builds a list of extensions available to an application and then validates those extensions. See for a detailed explanation of the extension mechanism in Java.
Greg Murray, Justyna Horwat
  • Constructor Details

    • ExtensionValidator

      public ExtensionValidator()
  • Method Details

    • validateApplication

      public static boolean validateApplication(WebResourceRoot resources, Context context) throws IOException
      Runtime validation of a Web Application. This method uses JNDI to look up the resources located under a DirContext. It locates Web Application MANIFEST.MF file in the /META-INF/ directory of the application and all MANIFEST.MF files in each JAR file located in the WEB-INF/lib directory and creates an ArrayList of ManifestResource objects. These objects are then passed to the validateManifestResources method for validation.
      resources - The resources configured for this Web Application
      context - The context from which the Logger and path to the application
      true if all required extensions satisfied
      IOException - Error reading resources needed for validation
    • addSystemResource

      public static void addSystemResource(File jarFile) throws IOException
      Checks to see if the given system JAR file contains a MANIFEST, and adds it to the container's manifest resources.
      jarFile - The system JAR whose manifest to add
      IOException - Error reading JAR file