Class RemoteHostValve

All Implemented Interfaces:
MBeanRegistration, Contained, JmxEnabled, Lifecycle, Valve

public final class RemoteHostValve extends RequestFilterValve
Concrete implementation of RequestFilterValve that filters based on the remote client's host name optionally combined with the server connector port number.
Craig R. McClanahan
  • Constructor Details

    • RemoteHostValve

      public RemoteHostValve()
  • Method Details

    • invoke

      public void invoke(Request request, Response response) throws IOException, ServletException
      Description copied from class: RequestFilterValve
      Extract the desired request property, and pass it (along with the specified request and response objects) to the protected process() method to perform the actual filtering. This method must be implemented by a concrete subclass.
      Specified by:
      invoke in interface Valve
      Specified by:
      invoke in class RequestFilterValve
      request - The servlet request to be processed
      response - The servlet response to be created
      IOException - if an input/output error occurs
      ServletException - if a servlet error occurs
    • getLog

      protected Log getLog()
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      getLog in class RequestFilterValve