Class RequestGroupInfo

All Implemented Interfaces:
DynamicMBean, MBeanRegistration, ModelMBeanNotificationBroadcaster, NotificationBroadcaster

public class RequestGroupInfo extends BaseModelMBean
Only as a JMX artifact, to aggregate the data collected from each RequestProcessor thread.
  • Constructor Details

    • RequestGroupInfo

      public RequestGroupInfo()
  • Method Details

    • addRequestProcessor

      public void addRequestProcessor(RequestInfo rp)
    • removeRequestProcessor

      public void removeRequestProcessor(RequestInfo rp)
    • getMaxTime

      public long getMaxTime()
    • setMaxTime

      public void setMaxTime(long maxTime)
    • getProcessingTime

      public long getProcessingTime()
    • setProcessingTime

      public void setProcessingTime(long totalTime)
    • getRequestCount

      public int getRequestCount()
    • setRequestCount

      public void setRequestCount(int requestCount)
    • getErrorCount

      public int getErrorCount()
    • setErrorCount

      public void setErrorCount(int errorCount)
    • getBytesReceived

      public long getBytesReceived()
    • setBytesReceived

      public void setBytesReceived(long bytesReceived)
    • getBytesSent

      public long getBytesSent()
    • setBytesSent

      public void setBytesSent(long bytesSent)
    • resetCounters

      public void resetCounters()