Interface InputFilter

    • Method Detail

      • setRequest

        void setRequest​(Request request)
        Some filters need additional parameters from the request.
        request - The request to be associated with this filter
      • recycle

        void recycle()
        Make the filter ready to process the next request.
      • getEncodingName

        ByteChunk getEncodingName()
        Get the name of the encoding handled by this filter.
        The encoding name as a byte chunk to facilitate comparison with the value read from the HTTP headers which will also be a ByteChunk
      • setBuffer

        void setBuffer​(InputBuffer buffer)
        Set the next buffer in the filter pipeline.
        buffer - The next buffer
      • end

        long end()
        End the current request.
        0 is the expected return value. A positive value indicates that too many bytes were read. This method is allowed to use buffer.doRead to consume extra bytes. The result of this method can't be negative (if an error happens, an IOException should be thrown instead).
        Throws: - If an error happens
      • isFinished

        boolean isFinished()
        Has the request body been read fully?
        true if the request body has been fully read, otherwise false