Class UpgradeServletInputStream

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      • readLine

        public final int readLine​(byte[] b,
                                  int off,
                                  int len)
                           throws IOException
        Description copied from class: javax.servlet.ServletInputStream
        Reads the input stream, one line at a time. Starting at an offset, reads bytes into an array, until it reads a certain number of bytes or reaches a newline character, which it reads into the array as well.

        This method returns -1 if it reaches the end of the input stream before reading the maximum number of bytes.

        readLine in class ServletInputStream
        b - an array of bytes into which data is read
        off - an integer specifying the character at which this method begins reading
        len - an integer specifying the maximum number of bytes to read
        an integer specifying the actual number of bytes read, or -1 if the end of the stream is reached
        IOException - if an input or output exception has occurred