Interface Options

All Known Implementing Classes:
EmbeddedServletOptions, JspC

public interface Options
A class to hold all init parameters specific to the JSP engine.
Anil K. Vijendran, Hans Bergsten, Pierre Delisle
  • Method Details

    • getErrorOnUseBeanInvalidClassAttribute

      boolean getErrorOnUseBeanInvalidClassAttribute()
      Returns true if Jasper issues a compilation error instead of a runtime Instantiation error if the class attribute specified in useBean action is invalid.
      true to get an error
    • getKeepGenerated

      boolean getKeepGenerated()
      true to keep the generated source
    • isPoolingEnabled

      boolean isPoolingEnabled()
      true if tag handler pooling is enabled, false otherwise.
    • getMappedFile

      boolean getMappedFile()
      true if HTML mapped Servlets are supported.
    • getClassDebugInfo

      boolean getClassDebugInfo()
      true if debug information in included in compiled classes.
    • getCheckInterval

      int getCheckInterval()
      background compile thread check interval in seconds
    • getDevelopment

      boolean getDevelopment()
      Main development flag, which enables detailed error reports with sources, as well automatic recompilation of JSPs and tag files. This setting should usually be false when running in production.
      true if Jasper is in development mode
    • getDisplaySourceFragment

      boolean getDisplaySourceFragment()
      true to include a source fragment in exception messages.
    • isSmapSuppressed

      boolean isSmapSuppressed()
      true to suppress generation of SMAP info for JSR45 debugging.
    • isSmapDumped

      boolean isSmapDumped()
      This setting is ignored if suppressSmap() is true.
      true to write SMAP info for JSR45 debugging to a file.
    • getTrimSpaces

      TrimSpacesOption getTrimSpaces()
      TrimSpacesOption.TRUE to remove template text that consists only of whitespace from the output completely, TrimSpacesOption.SINGLE to replace such template text with a single space, TrimSpacesOption.FALSE to leave such template text unchanged or TrimSpacesOption.EXTENDED to remove template text that consists only of whitespace and to replace any sequence of whitespace and new lines within template text with a single new line.
    • getIeClassId

      @Deprecated String getIeClassId()
      Will be removed in Tomcat 10.1.x
      Gets the class-id value that is sent to Internet Explorer when using <jsp:plugin> tags.
      Class-id value
    • getScratchDir

      File getScratchDir()
      the work folder
    • getClassPath

      String getClassPath()
      the classpath used to compile generated Servlets
    • getCompiler

      String getCompiler()
      Compiler to use.

      If null (the default), the java compiler from Eclipse JDT project, bundled with Tomcat, will be used. Otherwise, the javac task from Apache Ant will be used to call an external java compiler and the value of this option will be passed to it. See Apache Ant documentation for the possible values.

      the compiler name
    • getCompilerTargetVM

      String getCompilerTargetVM()
      the compiler target VM, e.g. 1.8.
    • getCompilerSourceVM

      String getCompilerSourceVM()
      the compiler source VM, e.g. 1.8.
    • getCompilerClassName

      String getCompilerClassName()
      Jasper Java compiler class to use.
    • getTldCache

      TldCache getTldCache()
      The cache that maps URIs, resource paths and parsed TLD files for the various tag libraries 'exposed' by the web application. A tag library is 'exposed' either explicitly in web.xml or implicitly via the uri tag in the TLD of a taglib deployed in a jar file (WEB-INF/lib).
      the instance of the TldLocationsCache for the web-application.
    • getJavaEncoding

      String getJavaEncoding()
      Java platform encoding to generate the JSP page servlet.
    • getFork

      boolean getFork()
      The boolean flag to tell Ant whether to fork JSP page compilations.

      Is used only when Jasper uses an external java compiler (wrapped through a javac Apache Ant task).

      true to fork a process during compilation
    • getJspConfig

      JspConfig getJspConfig()
      JSP configuration information specified in web.xml.
    • isXpoweredBy

      boolean isXpoweredBy()
      true to generate a X-Powered-By response header.
    • getTagPluginManager

      TagPluginManager getTagPluginManager()
      a Tag Plugin Manager
    • genStringAsCharArray

      boolean genStringAsCharArray()
      Indicates whether text strings are to be generated as char arrays.
      true if text strings are to be generated as char arrays, false otherwise
    • getModificationTestInterval

      int getModificationTestInterval()
      modification test interval.
    • getRecompileOnFail

      boolean getRecompileOnFail()
      true if re-compile will occur on a failure.
    • isCaching

      boolean isCaching()
      true is caching is enabled (used for precompilation).
    • getCache

      The web-application wide cache for the TagLibraryInfo tag library descriptors, used if isCaching() returns true.

      Using this cache avoids the cost of repeating the parsing of a tag library descriptor XML file (performed by TagLibraryInfoImpl.parseTLD).

      the Map(String uri, TagLibraryInfo tld) instance.
    • getMaxLoadedJsps

      int getMaxLoadedJsps()
      The maximum number of loaded jsps per web-application. If there are more jsps loaded, they will be unloaded. If unset or less than 0, no jsps are unloaded.
      The JSP count
    • getJspIdleTimeout

      int getJspIdleTimeout()
      the idle time in seconds after which a JSP is unloaded. If unset or less or equal than 0, no jsps are unloaded.
    • getStrictQuoteEscaping

      boolean getStrictQuoteEscaping()
      true if the quote escaping required by section JSP.1.6 of the JSP specification should be applied to scriplet expression.
    • getQuoteAttributeEL

      boolean getQuoteAttributeEL()
      true if EL expressions used within attributes should have the quoting rules in JSP.1.6 applied to the expression.
    • getGeneratedJavaAddTimestamp

      default boolean getGeneratedJavaAddTimestamp()
      Should the container include the time the file was generated in the comments at the start of a Java file generated from a JSP or tag. Defaults to true.
      true to include the timestamp, otherwise don't include it