Class SmapStratum


public class SmapStratum extends Object
Represents the line and file mappings associated with a JSR-045 "stratum".
Jayson Falkner, Shawn Bayern
  • Constructor Details

    • SmapStratum

      public SmapStratum()
  • Method Details

    • addFile

      public void addFile(String filename)
      Adds record of a new file, by filename.
      filename - the filename to add, unqualified by path.
    • addFile

      public void addFile(String filename, String filePath)
      Adds record of a new file, by filename and path. The path may be relative to a source compilation path.
      filename - the filename to add, unqualified by path
      filePath - the path for the filename, potentially relative to a source compilation path
    • optimizeLineSection

      public void optimizeLineSection()
      Combines consecutive LineInfos wherever possible
    • addLineData

      public void addLineData(int inputStartLine, String inputFileName, int inputLineCount, int outputStartLine, int outputLineIncrement)
      Adds complete information about a simple line mapping. Specify all the fields in this method; the back-end machinery takes care of printing only those that are necessary in the final SMAP. (My view is that fields are optional primarily for spatial efficiency, not for programmer convenience. Could always add utility methods later.)
      inputStartLine - starting line in the source file (SMAP InputStartLine)
      inputFileName - the filepath (or name) from which the input comes (yields SMAP LineFileID) Use unqualified names carefully, and only when they uniquely identify a file.
      inputLineCount - the number of lines in the input to map (SMAP LineFileCount)
      outputStartLine - starting line in the output file (SMAP OutputStartLine)
      outputLineIncrement - number of output lines to map to each input line (SMAP OutputLineIncrement). Given the fact that the name starts with "output", I continuously have the subconscious urge to call this field OutputLineExcrement.
    • addLineInfo

      public void addLineInfo(org.apache.jasper.compiler.SmapStratum.LineInfo li)
    • setOutputFileName

      public void setOutputFileName(String outputFileName)
    • setClassFileName

      public void setClassFileName(String classFileName)
    • getClassFileName

      public String getClassFileName()
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • getSmapString

      public String getSmapString()
    • getInputLineNumber

      public SmapInput getInputLineNumber(int outputLineNumber)