Interface TagPluginContext

public interface TagPluginContext
This interface allows the plugin author to make inquiries about the properties of the current tag, and to use Jasper resources to generate direct Java codes in place of tag handler invocations.
  • Method Details

    • isScriptless

      boolean isScriptless()
      true if the body of the tag is scriptless.
    • isAttributeSpecified

      boolean isAttributeSpecified(String attribute)
      attribute - Name of the attribute
      true if the attribute is specified in the tag
    • getTemporaryVariableName

      String getTemporaryVariableName()
      A unique temporary variable name that the plugin can use.
    • generateImport

      void generateImport(String s)
      Generate an import statement
      s - Name of the import class, '*' allowed.
    • generateDeclaration

      void generateDeclaration(String id, String text)
      Generate a declaration in the of the generated class. This can be used to declare an inner class, a method, or a class variable.
      id - A unique ID identifying the declaration. It is not part of the declaration, and is used to ensure that the declaration will only appear once. If this method is invoked with the same id more than once in the translation unit, only the first declaration will be taken.
      text - The text of the declaration.
    • generateJavaSource

      void generateJavaSource(String s)
      Generate Java source code scriptlet
      s - the scriptlet (raw Java source)
    • isConstantAttribute

      boolean isConstantAttribute(String attribute)
      attribute - The attribute name
      true if the attribute is specified and its value is a translation-time constant.
    • getConstantAttribute

      String getConstantAttribute(String attribute)
      attribute - The attribute name
      A string that is the value of a constant attribute. Undefined if the attribute is not a (translation-time) constant. null if the attribute is not specified.
    • generateAttribute

      void generateAttribute(String attribute)
      Generate codes to evaluate value of a attribute in the custom tag The codes is a Java expression. NOTE: Currently cannot handle attributes that are fragments.
      attribute - The specified attribute
    • generateBody

      void generateBody()
      Generate codes for the body of the custom tag
    • dontUseTagPlugin

      void dontUseTagPlugin()
      Abandon optimization for this tag handler, and instruct Jasper to generate the tag handler calls, as usual. Should be invoked if errors are detected, or when the tag body is deemed too complicated for optimization.
    • getParentContext

      TagPluginContext getParentContext()
      Get the PluginContext for the parent of this custom tag. NOTE: The operations available for PluginContext so obtained is limited to getPluginAttribute and setPluginAttribute, and queries (e.g. isScriptless(). There should be no calls to generate*().
      The pluginContext for the parent node. null if the parent is not a custom tag, or if the pluginContext if not available (because useTagPlugin is false, e.g).
    • setPluginAttribute

      void setPluginAttribute(String attr, Object value)
      Associate the attribute with a value in the current tagplugin context. The plugin attributes can be used for communication among tags that must work together as a group. See <c:when> for an example.
      attr - The attribute name
      value - The attribute value
    • getPluginAttribute

      Object getPluginAttribute(String attr)
      Get the value of an attribute in the current tagplugin context.
      attr - The attribute name
      the attribute value
    • isTagFile

      boolean isTagFile()
      Is the tag being used inside a tag file?
      true if inside a tag file