Package org.apache.juli.logging

package org.apache.juli.logging


This implementation of commons-logging uses a commons-logging.jar specific to a particular logging framework, instead of discovery. This takes out the guessing, is simpler, faster and more robust. Just like you chose a logging implementation, you should also use a matching commons-logging - for example you download log4j.jar and commons-logging-log4j.jar, or use jdk logging and use commons-logging-jdk.jar.

A similar packaging is used by Eclipse SWT - they provide a common widget API, but each platform uses a different implementation jar - instead of using a complex discovery/plugin mechanism.

This package generates commons-logging-jdk14.jar - i.e. the java.util implementation of commons-logging api.

  • Class
    A simple logging interface abstracting logging APIs.
    An exception that is thrown only if a suitable LogFactory or Log instance cannot be created by the corresponding factory methods.
    This is a modified LogFactory that uses a simple ServiceLoader based discovery mechanism with a default of using JDK based logging.