Interface JarScanner

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public interface JarScanner
Scans a web application and classloader hierarchy for JAR files. Uses include TLD scanning and web-fragment.xml scanning. Uses a call-back mechanism so the caller can process each JAR found.
  • Method Details

    • scan

      void scan(JarScanType scanType, ServletContext context, JarScannerCallback callback)
      Scan the provided ServletContext and classloader for JAR files. Each JAR file found will be passed to the callback handler to be processed.
      scanType - The type of JAR scan to perform. This is passed to the filter which uses it to determine how to filter the results
      context - The ServletContext - used to locate and access WEB-INF/lib
      callback - The handler to process any JARs found
    • getJarScanFilter

      JarScanFilter getJarScanFilter()
    • setJarScanFilter

      void setJarScanFilter(JarScanFilter jarScanFilter)