Class CheckEol

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    public class CheckEol
    Ant task that checks that all the files in the given fileset have end-of-line delimiters that are appropriate.

    The goal is to check whether we have problems with Subversion's svn:eol-style property or Git's autocrlf setting when files are committed on one OS and then checked on another one.

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        description, location, project
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      void addFileset​( fs)
      Sets the files to be checked
      void execute()
      Perform the check
      void setMode​(java.lang.String mode)
      Sets the line ending mode.
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      • CheckEol

        public CheckEol()
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      • addFileset

        public void addFileset​( fs)
        Sets the files to be checked
        fs - The fileset to be checked.
      • setMode

        public void setMode​(java.lang.String mode)
        Sets the line ending mode.
        mode - The line ending mode (either LF or CRLF)
      • execute

        public void execute()
        Perform the check
        execute in class
        Throws: - if an error occurs during execution of this task.