Class ClassParser


public final class ClassParser extends Object
Wrapper class that parses a given Java .class file. The method parse returns a JavaClass object on success. When an I/O error or an inconsistency occurs an appropriate exception is propagated back to the caller. The structure and the names comply, except for a few conveniences, exactly with the JVM specification 1.0. See this paper for further details about the structure of a bytecode file.
  • Constructor Details

    • ClassParser

      public ClassParser(InputStream inputStream)
      Parses class from the given stream.
      inputStream - Input stream
  • Method Details

    • parse

      public JavaClass parse() throws IOException, ClassFormatException
      Parses the given Java class file and return an object that represents the contained data, i.e., constants, methods, fields and commands. A ClassFormatException is raised, if the file is not a valid .class file. (This does not include verification of the byte code as it is performed by the Java interpreter).
      Class object representing the parsed class file
      IOException - if an I/O error occurs.
      ClassFormatException - if a class is malformed or cannot be interpreted as a class file