Class Asn1Parser


public class Asn1Parser extends Object
This is a very basic ASN.1 parser that provides the limited functionality required by Tomcat. It is a long way from a complete parser.

TODO: Consider extending/re-writing this parser and refactoring the SpnegoTokenFixer to use it.

  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • Asn1Parser

      public Asn1Parser(byte[] source)
  • Method Details

    • eof

      public boolean eof()
    • peekTag

      public int peekTag()
    • parseTagSequence

      public void parseTagSequence()
    • parseTag

      public void parseTag(int tag)
    • parseFullLength

      public void parseFullLength()
    • parseLength

      public int parseLength()
    • parseInt

      public BigInteger parseInt()
    • parseOctetString

      public byte[] parseOctetString()
    • parseNull

      public void parseNull()
    • parseOIDAsBytes

      public byte[] parseOIDAsBytes()
    • parseUTF8String

      public String parseUTF8String()
    • parseAttributeAsBytes

      public byte[] parseAttributeAsBytes(int index)
    • parseBytes

      public void parseBytes(byte[] dest)
    • getNestedSequenceLevel

      public int getNestedSequenceLevel()